Canvas Bag Theatre

Production week for the Merivale Campus is held in Term 3 every year. Plays are original scripts devised and written by individual tutors for each group and are designed to showcase the skills of the students. Every class rehearses over the 9 week term and then performs to an audience of parents and friends in a local theatre.

South Brighton and Halswell have their Canvas Bag Theatre Production Week in Term 4. Dates will be relayed to parents as they are confirmed nearer the time.

Merivale Campus Production Dates

16th - 19th September, 2019
Dress Rehearsals
20th September, 2019
Thursday Thumbelina
Monday Starfleet
Tuesday Quangle Wangle
21st September, 2019
Monday Thumbelina
Thursday Starfleet
Wednesday Quangle Wangle

Past Performances

Tangaroa’s Gift

The poor paua has no friends and believes himself to be ugly and useless. When Tangaroa, god of the ocean tries to help, the other fish react by bullying the paua and then, even worse, ignoring the lonely little animal altogether. Tangaroa finally solves the problem and paua realises that true beauty on the inside can never be taken away from you.

Anase and the Golden Box of Stories

Long long ago when all the stories on earth belonged to Nyame the Sky God, Ananse the spiderman spun a web up to the sky to bargain for a share of the stories. How he outwitted a fierce leopard, 47 stinging hornets, and a mischievous troupe of invisible fairies to meet the sky god’s demands, have made it possible for all of us to receive the wonderful gift of storytelling.

How the Kiwi lost its Wings

Long ago when the world was new, the kiwi lived in the treetops with the other birds and sang and played all day long. But when a plague of insects threatens to destroy the mighty forest, Tane calls upon the birds to save the precious trees. But the birds are too busy organising Twitter Fashion Week to take any notice. Who will respond to Tane and Mother Nature, and what sacrifices will need to be made?

Jack Frost and the Magic Paintbrush

Welcome to Elf City, the magical home of fairies, pixies, leprechauns and even trolls.  The King of Elf City announces an exciting painting competition. Can Jack Frost outwit the scheming trolls? Watch and see how with the help of the good fairy Crystal, Jack is able to make the world beautiful.

The Magic Gourd

When Rabbit, ever the optimist, rescues Chameleon from a thorny bush he gets an amazing gourd that fills itself with absolutely anything you want. In the most terrible drought he is now able to feed his starving family. But Mansa Juga the greedy king steals the gourd and is only interested in acquiring riches for himself. This story is about generosity, friendship and the true meaning of wealth.

How Maui slowed the Sun

Maui is a superhero, powerful, smart, a genius and a delinquent!

This Maori folktale of Maui and the sun is retold and embellished with students’ imaginings and uses a blend of classic story telling, drama, music, chanting, and dance. Within the framework of the tale, students have devised scenes working from an improvised base and then reconstructed, refined and finally written their own scenes. This process has demanded a high level of creativity, risk taking and group collaboration.

Key roles are shared, the many facets of Maui’s personality are explored and we are always working towards creating truthful, believable roles. The script is fluid and constantly changes allowing for new ideas and imaginings to be manifested. I am proud of the students’ endeavours, level of co-operation and our final product.