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We have classes available at our Merivale Campus, our South Brighton Campus and our Halswell Campus.

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To sign up, please email us and tell us the name and age of your child and your choice of class.

Merivale Classes:

South Brighton Classes:

Halswell Classes:

We try to respond within 24 hours and let you know availability.

We acknowledge that parents may need, for ease of transport, to have two children of different ages in the same class. Where individual ages of children are spread across two classes we generally can accommodate this by putting them both in the older class. This only works between classes one step up. Talk to us and we can offer suggestions, or trial a combination that works.

Canvas Bag Drama School offers a non-obligation one class trial. Please ring or email to book your space and complete an enrolment form upon arrival. We appreciate your courtesy in confirming a permanent enrolment or not, within 24 hours of the trial class.

For more detailed information about our conditions of attendance and policies, please review the Parent Information.

2020 Calendar

Terms vary between 8 and 10 weeks depending on dates set by the Ministry of Education. We are closed on statutory holidays.

Term 1
10 February - 9 April
Term 2
28 April - 3 July
Term 3
20 July - 18 September
Term 4
12 October - 11 December


 Felicity Williams, BMus (Hons), LTCL, LRSM, Dip Tchg

Felicity believes that imaginative games are the catalyst for the intellectual and emotional growth of children and to this end, she develops and participates extensively in children’s play patterns while teaching drama classes at Canvas Bag Drama School. She considers her work with children to be a privileged joyful interplay, and loves to see children, through the dramatic play she provides, move effortlessly between a real world and an imagined one.

Felicity has an Honours Degree in Composition from the University of Canterbury.

Gina Fowler, Owner and Director of South Brighton Campuses, ASB NZ Speech Board

Gina has been teaching speech, creative drama and singing for the past twenty years. She is presently completing her licentiate diploma in Speech and Drama with the New Zealand Speech Board and her associate and licentiate diplomas with St Cecilia’s School of Music in voice. Gina is a member of the institute of Registered Music Teachers and is able to incorporate the love of drama and music to bring plenty of creativity to the classroom. Gina is inspired by how drama encourages confidence, creativity and courage. She works with all ages, encouraging her students to be fully involved in all aspects of the drama experience.

Annabel Brodie, Dip Perf Arts

Annabel trained at Excel School of Performing Arts in Auckland in 2005 and then for the successive 2 years, at Hagley Theatre Company in Christchurch. Annabel brings energy and excitement to her drama workshops and loves bringing out imagination and creativity in children. She is currently completing her Batchelor’s degree in Education at Canterbury University.

Chelsea Cope, BPerf, Dip Tchg

Chelsea has been teaching Drama since the age of 16 to children from the ages of 5 to 18. She loves that drama classes give students the creative license to be themselves, well and truly. She believes that self expression creates identity, which produces confident, courageous and creative, life-long learners. Chelsea studied at the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts in Christchurch receiving a Bachelor of Performing Arts, she then went on to the New Zealand Graduate School of Education where she trained to become a teacher.